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ABN :- 86 524 174 307

All About Affordable Logos & Quality Affordable Promotional Products

Monday to Friday - Phone :- (0061) 7 3388 4071 or

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Custom artwork Graphic Design to your requirements!

Fast J-peg to  Vector artwork conversion!

Convert your logos & images from Bitmap raster files like j-pegs to sharp Vector artwork.

Competitive prices - Fast Service

Custom Airbrushing, Film Creation, Plate & Screen making.. 

Already have your Logo Created.. please send it to us with your requirements for a Quote.

Creating artwork for your promotional products.

We have a specialized in house trained team to work with all types of artwork for all types of products and mediums.
Each different medium or product requires purpose-built artwork because the manufacturing process is
vastly different for each.
A design that works on the computer will not always work on a t-shirt, and a design that is used for printing
wont work with embroidery. Our team can create your artwork to suit your personalized product or medium.

Digitizing for embroidery
digitizing is the process of converting artwork into a stitch file that can be
read by an embroidery machine and interpreted as different stitch types.
graphic files and embroidery files have nothing in common, you can't just "convert"
a graphic to an embroidery file the way you can convert a .BMP file to a .JPG file.
Creating an embroidery file requires not only specialized software,
but also a highly trained embroiderer who can operate it and transform your artwork into
a digitized image to embroider onto your personalized products.

For Embroidery we simply need: a good copy of your logo in colour.
E mail is perfect ! As a J-peg - A5 - 300 dpi is preferred but send otherwise.
Post or Scan and send:-
Business Card - Letterhead - Current Embroidered or Printed Design.
Disks should be in PC format please.
Images Preferred as Gif, Tif, Bmp or Jpg.
Fax :- (0061) 7 3388 4071 (please indicate colours to be used)

Post To:-
42 Homestead Street
Brisbane 4132

Once your design is digitized, we will send a sample to you
for your approval prior to production starting.

Pad Printing  & Screen Printing
Because Pad Printing & Screen printing are often used for there ability to print very fine detail, Artwork can be quite specialized.
The artwork needs to be sharp and very clear especially when dealing with detailed and small text images or logos.
Our Factory has a Professionally Trained Team to service you with the highest quality service which insures
that your artwork will be converted for the right medium product.
Pad & Screen Printing Artwork

For Digital Printing we simply need: a good copy of your logo. In colour if required.
Can be J-peg or Pc image!
If you can save it at 300 to 600dpi this would help.
Supplying good artwork means we do not have to reproduce it.
But we always get you to approve final artwork.
Easy select texts - fonts

Once your design is converted for printing, we will send a
sample to you for your approval prior to your production starting.

Supplying your own artwork.
You can supply your own art work from your home or office Laser or InkJet printer, see below.
Please supply black and white finished art for your design.
This can be in the form of...
Film Positive:
Commercial FILM POSITIVES Specs = 100% film positive emulsion up.
Commercial bromide from camera or disk in POSITIVE NOT NEGATIVE.

Laser print:
Black and white print from your laser. Please make the design as big as possible on A4 or Letterhead paper.

Ink jet print:
Black and white print from your Ink Jet. Please make the design as big as possible on A4 or Letterhead paper and ensure it is completely black.

Need advice, having trouble with your artwork, trouble finding the right product call our friendly team today
they can answer your questions and find the best solution for your requirements.
The aaalogos team: 07 3388 4071

All Our Branded (Printed Or Embroidered Product) Orders Require :-
A 50% Deposit at the time the order Is placed. The Balance being payable either at the time of shipment or pickup - Unless Prior Arrangements have been made.

All artwork proofs are only produced on receipt of a confirmed order with either a 50% deposit, or if tight timeframe - payment in full.

 We can assist you with your artwork

Testimonials for Artwork Design

"Thank you for your artistic input. We love it!"

* Free Artwork and assistance! - where possible.

Check out our clipart categories Below :-

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 aprons, bags, beanies, beer glasses, bottles, candle holders, caps, calculators, clocks, coasters, decanters, drink bottles, enamel mugs, glasses, golf ballshats, hi-viz, hoodies, jackets, key rings, lightersmagnets, mouse pads, mugs, pencils, protein shakers, polo shirts, rulers, safety, singlets, stubbies, stress balls, shot glasses, stickers, tape measures, t-shirts, thermal mugs, towels, umbrellas, trophies,  wine glasses, whiskey glasses, etc,