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Glass Care


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Customer care for your personalized Glassware:
Caring for your Glassware:

The use and care of your glassware is extremely important to ensure your personalized glasses, glassware gets the maximum long life.

AAA Logos would like to give you some reminders and tips on how to care for your personalized glasses.

*Take your rings off before washing glassware.

*Avoid glass contact with beer taps, or when washing up be careful not to hit glasses on the tap.

*When scooping ice, always use a plastic scoop never use the glass.

*Never put cutlery into glasses.

*Avoid contacting glass to glass, never stack them together, or rub them together as they may scratch and damage.

*Never put cold liquid or ice into a warm or hot glass.

*Be especially careful of abrasive washing powders, which can scratch the glass and decoration.

*Engraved, etched or printed glasses please beware of the surface. We do not recommend
harsh rubbing or washing in the area of engraving, etching or printed glass. A light surface clean is however recommend.

aaa logos glass care

Storing Glassware:

Proper storage is important to the longevity of glassware and requires only a few simple precautions.

*Store glass after it is cool and completely dry.

*Glass can stick to glass. Would be best stored single standing not touching
each other. Temperature changes cause glass to expand and contract.
To avoid chips, leave enough space between the rims of glassware to
allow for expansion and contraction. Make sure the bases do not touch.
Provide space between glassware and the walls of the storage cabinet.

*Store glass away from direct sunlight, heating outlets, or air conditioner vents.
Because glass conducts sunlight, storage in direct sun creates stress that
leads to cracks. Moreover, glass can transfer heat to another glass object,
such as a glass shelf, and cause stress.

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